Wrap Up and Masterlist of Stories

And so the 2008 spn_summerlove fic exchange has ended. All that's left is the big reveal, and the masterlist, so without further ado...

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Special Thanks to our pinch hitters -- ryuutchi, joans23, cjmarlowe, amchara, peganix, nyoka, chase_acow and kickaboutheart

The mods, amchara and sasha_davidovna, would like to thank everyone who chose to participate in this year's exchange! To those who wrote stories, those who wrote pinch-hits, and to all those who read and commented on the stories-- it wouldn't have been a success without all of YOU! SPN het may be a smaller niche in the fandom, but we've grown in the number of stories produced for this year's exchange, and also in the wide variety of pairings written for this year, and hopefully we'll continue to grow.

Thanks again, and keep an eye on this community-- we may very well be back in the future.

All stories posted.

In case you hadn't noticed, we've now finished posted all the stories for this year's exchange and all the names have been revealed. Feel free to post your stories elsewhere on the 'net!

If there's anyone who wrote a story for this exchange and did not receive one in return, please email the mod account (spnsummerlove @ gmail dot com) and we'll fix this oversight.

Look for a wrap-up post and masterlist of stories to go up tomorrow.

who is the third who walks always beside you, for connery_is_bond (Dean/Impala, Adult)

Title: who is the third who walks always beside you
Author: kickaboutheart
Recipient: connery_is_bond
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Dean/Impala, slight Mary/John
Summary: When he speaks to Her, there's something different about his voice.

Author's Notes: This pairing was much harder than I thought it would be to write, but I hope you like it!

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Atheists in a Foxhole. for regala_electra (Dean/OFC, Adult)

Title: Atheists in a Foxhole
Author: amchara
Recipient: regala_electra
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Summary: It was time to face two fucking depressing facts: they were dangerously low on ammo and supplies, and their gun-runner was two weeks late.
Author's Notes: ~7,700 words. Speculation but no spoilers for season four. Written for the prompt, ‘a pickup truck and an OFC that's a reformed nun turned gunrunner who knows exactly how strange that sounds’.

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Hidden Mouths of Stone and Light, for chase_acow (Dean/OFC, NC-17)

Title: Hidden Mouths of Stone and Light
Author: nyoka
Recipient: chase_acow
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Word Count: ~ 4,900
Summary: There’s only a beat, a moment’s indecision before she fires off the shot, and her life changes forever.

Author's Notes: Warnings for sexual situations/language. For chase_acow, from the prompt, Dean/Female!Hunter. Title and opening quote from Leonard Cohen’s poem, “Beneath My Hands.”

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Let Me Put My Love Into You, for staci_x2 (Dean/OFC, PG-13)

Title: Let Me Put My Love Into You
Author: chase_acow
Recipient: staci_x2
Rating: PG-13ish (cursing and sexual situations/day dreams)
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Word Count: ~ 6,500
Summary: The dancing started at eight, and at ten, he fell in love.

Author's Notes: Thanks to my buddies for the beta work. I really appreciate it, and left over mistakes are all mine because I'm a poker. Title from AC/DC.

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rêvez un petit rêve de moi, for peganix (Dean/Bela, adult)

Title: rêvez un petit rêve de moi
Author: romani_65
Recipient: peganix
Rating: adult
Pairing: Dean/Bela
Summary: Some missing scenes during Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Author's Notes: I didn’t change the events of the episode, most of the same dialogue is there but I just added some new scenes. The pov sifts from Dean to Bela and back.

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Shout When You Wanna Get Off the Ride, for ryuutchi (Sam/Bela, adult)

Title: Shout When You Wanna Get Off the Ride
Author: sasha_davidovna
Recipient: ryuutchi
Rating: Adult (pegging, oral sex, dirty talk)
Pairing: Sam/Bela
Summary: Set during "Dream a Little Dream of Me." The day after Sam's dream, Bela decides to make it reality.
Author's Notes: Sorry this doesn't follow your prompt as closely as I'd like, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Many thanks to my beta for the hand-holding and advice!

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New Times, for my_sam_dean (Dean/Jo, adult)

Title: New Times
Author: meg_dallen
Recipient: my_sam_dean
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Dean/Jo
Summary: Jo woke up tangled in his sheets, her hand still on his arm. Dean was sleeping peacefully, slightly turned to her, with his cheek pressing against her scalp…

Author's Notes: This is my first SPN story. So I hope you´ll like it.

Many thanx to my amazing beta Devia

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Cicatrice Road, for that_september (Dean/Kaylee, PG)

Title:Cicatrice Road
Author: peganix
Recipient: that_september
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dean/Kaylee
Summary: Firely crossover. The first time Dean and Kaylee met, he was skulking around the barn out back.
Author's Notes: For that_september's prompt: Kaylee's only loved one other man besides Simon: notorious thief, ladies' man, and space cowboy Dean Winchester.

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