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Supernatural Het Fic Exchange

Summer 2008!

Supernatural Summer Het Fic Exchange
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Welcome to spn_summerlove, an anonymous summer fic exchange for Supernatural het fics. This is the second year for the exchange - you can see all the stories written for last year's exchange listed here or in the memories.

This year's exchange is now open for sign-ups until June 10th. Stories will be posted, starting on August 15, 2008.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to affiliate with us, you can contact the mods at spnsummerlove @ gmail dot com


dean/andrea, dean/ava, dean/ava/sam, dean/buffy, dean/cassie, dean/chloe, dean/crossroads demon, dean/ellen, dean/emily, dean/faith, dean/hailey, dean/jess, dean/jess/sam, dean/jo, dean/jo/sam, dean/layla, dean/lenore, dean/meg, dean/ofc, dean/ofc/ofc, dean/officer kathleen, dean/reaper!tessa, dean/rebecca, dean/sarah/sam, dean/veronica, ellen/bill, girl!dean/sam, girl!sam/dean, john/ellen, john/mary, sam/ava, sam/buffy, sam/ellen, sam/faith, sam/jess, sam/jo, sam/lenore, sam/lori, sam/madison, sam/meg, sam/ofc, sam/rebecca, sam/rory, sam/sarah, supernatural